My hubby just told me that one of his good friend is having an affair with a married woman. His friend said that he is using the affair to reduce the stress he is suffering at work. I told him that that was crap.

They were married for around two years and their daughter is almost two. His friend said that he has got no feeling on his wife anymore. While my hubby was telling me the story, he kept saying that his friend is stupid and should not even be in an affair.

His friend told his wife that he will be staying over my hubby house the day before my wedding day. He then go to Malaysia with the girl and come back to Singapore in the afternoon on my wedding day. His wife got suspicious, check his passport and called my hubby. She asked my hubby if her husband stay over at my house the night before our wedding day. My hubby said "yes" but she told my hubby not to lie, she has checked his passport. My hubby then keep quiet.

I asked my hubby. If I grow fat one day like my mother in-law, will he still have feeling for me. My hubby laughed at me and said that I will not grow to be very fat. He added that the most I will have a tummy. But what if I really grow fat?

My hubby told me that we cannot blamed the affair on his friend only. It takes two hands to clap. His wife is a workaholi, she comes back from work everyday at 1 to 2am. They will bring their daughter to the grandmother place before going to work and everyday his friend will fetch his daughter back home. It was also his friend that do all the baby sitting. Frankly speaking, I think that these are all craps. I believe that my hubby friend will not said that the affair is his fault. He is too egoistic to admit that he is wrong.

So for the last few days, my hubby has been accompany this friend of his. They went to pub on weekends and come back only in the morning, leaving me sleeping alone. My hubby said that he dun think that they will divorce.

I think I will not know what to do if this type of things happen to me. It is easy to tell others to get a divorce and get a better life, but when this type of things happen to myself, I think I will only know how to cry my heart out. I am a cry baby.

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